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Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Gmail Notifier Pro v2.7.2

Gmail Notifier Pro v2.7.2
With Gmail Notifier you will be able to easily and fast check all your email accounts on Gmail. This lightweight and simple program will notify you if you have any new email on any account that this application monitors. Simple interface will let you to set up everything really fast, it will work in the background and you wont even notice that Gmail Notifier is working.

Features of Gmail Notifier:

  • Check multiple Gmail accounts for new mail – including Google Apps accounts
  • Display popup notifications and play sound to alert the user when a new mail arrives
  • Define themes and configure accounts individually
  • Complete overview of all unread mail in all your mail boxes
  • Support Atom and IMAP protocols
  • Write and reply to mail without opening the browser, including integration with Google Contacts
  • No installation needed – can run from a USB stick
  • Gmail Notifier will automatically update
  • Very easy to use and good looking user interface

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