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Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

Personal Computing For The Masses

Whether one sees this trend of Apple making things easier on potential customers as a positive move or not, they have long signalled a clear desire to do so. One of the first computer companies to implement a ‘point and click’ Graphical User Interface to enable users to execute simple tasks without the need for lines of code, there seems to be a driving force behind Apple to save their customers from needing to learn tech nomenclature when choosing the right computer for their needs.

The Apple Store is one key part of Apple's effort to make computers accessible

They have a point, too. Buying a new computer is a complicated and challenging process for the non-nerds among us, even with a whole staff of Apple Store helpers in place to help technophobe customers choose the right Mac for them. Until recently, Apple’s efforts to convince users that they can forget Gigabytes, RAM and hard drive space had been met with firm resistance, a resistance that is now falling away with increasing speed. 

Power users and those of us who take an interest in such things will continue to pour over Geekbench scores, processor speeds and performance charts for some time to come.

For the rest of Apple’s user base however, it seems that the people working at Infinite Loop are successfully taking steps to make specs irrelevant – the primary question which now needs to be considered by the average new Mac customers is whether to choose a portable or desktop model.

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