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Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

WhatSize v5.0.2

WhatSize v5.0.2

With WhatSize you can easily and fast determine size of any folder and results will also include size of all files in it and subfolders that are located there. This software will sort all the files and folders that he finds, it will be done by size and you will be surprised when you see how much space is wasted on files and folders that you do not need but you just forgot to delete them. 

When WhatSize starts scanning an folder all of it’s content user can easily go through all the files and subfolders that are being scanned and you will be shown the exact size of it.Hidden files, cache files, directories will all show up with their corresponding size. This application is similar to NeXTSTEP, DarkForest. Once the measuring of a folder has ended the user can also view the information by filtering for particular file sizes or types. The user can also move unwanted files and folder in the corresponding Trash bin similar to the Finder’s Delete button. Developed in Cocoa, Objective-C, the application makes use of multithreading, low level UNIX file system APIs, C programming and Obj-C method implementation(IMP) caching to achieve speed, low memory footprint and stability, unmatched by other tools.

Features of WhatSize:

- Measure
WhatSize quickly measures the size of your hard drive and allows you to sort, filter, and refine the results. The files and folders are automatically sorted by size with the biggest sizes first.

- Chart Display
A visual display of the contents of your hard drive that enables you to drill-down and discover how your disk space is being used.

- Cleaning Tools in WhatSize
Intelligent tools that suggest ways you can reclaim disk space.

- Find Duplicates
Identifies duplicate files on your system so that you can remove them. You would be surprised at how many useless files might be laying around on your hard drive.

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