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Kamis, 15 September 2011

Download Air Strike 1945 Game for Free

Air Strike 1945

A limited time free offer to download the popular game 1945 Air Strike has been noticed. This game will take you to those old age of 1945 and you can feel that cruel war. You are ready with your fighter plane and need to fulfill your mission as soon as possible. You have to defeat the enemies and the ace pilot of the US Air Force you have show the courage and win the game.

There are nine great battles like the Operation Market Garden, Battle of Midway etc. with three stages: Soviet Union, Japan and Germany. There are 30 different kinds of air crafts to choose from and also you can find 10 different kinds of tanks.

Feel this new game with original WW2 style sharp graphics and stunning audios. As you will finish more missions you can be able to unlock more powerful weapons and upgrade your aircraft too.
This iOS 4.0 compatible game requires iOS 3.0 as a minimum requirement and can easily run with Phone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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