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Sabtu, 10 September 2011

Google goes local in 2011

Google goes local in 2011

After the recent updates to Google places, Google maps, Google local search products and Adword site selection seems that Google puts its focus in 2011 on the local search market. A proof is the recent failed takeover of Yelp and Groupon. As of today, the UK Yelp site launched. The local online advertising market is huge – actually it’s enormous and can be compared to your usual daily TV figures.

For SEO specialists, this signal in 2011 is to work on local search optimization. Google’s Senior Vice Persident Susan Wojcicki said yesterday that the local market's biggest focus for 2011. According to its starting 70 to 90% of customers search the Internet first and then makes the choice to any store in the neighborhood they will buy the product.

Previously as an entrepreneur / organization you will be mostly be found on Yellow Pages. Today, customers use Google to find you. Google offers the possibility to your website for free places to register for Google. Before it becomes competitive, go now to begin optimization on google places for your website and appear quickly in the top ranking.

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