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Sabtu, 10 September 2011

SEO Update WordPress

SEO Update WordPress

WordPress SEO has a new version: 0.1.4. It took me quite some time, but there were a few bugs that really needed fixing in the plugin before I could continue adding features, options and more. These are fixed now, please grab the latest update from WordPress.org.
The most important bug that was fixed is the memory usage in the admin area, it was annoying to me and a lot of other people. There's still tons of bugs left in the plugin, but they are all minor ones compared to this one, so I thought I'd get the release out.

What changed?

  • Your XML sitemap will now once again reside at example.com/sitemap.xml, except, it won't, really. It will be placed in a subdirectory of your uploads dir, and using WP Rewrite the URL will resolve to the right sitemap. So now it works with Multi Site installs, all of them: domain mapped Multi Site installs, subdirectory and subdomain ones. You'll have to remove all the XML sitemaps in your root directory for this to work, and no, it doesn't give you a notice about that (yet).
  • Furthermore I fixed all the notices I could find that the plugin threw, if you find them now, please report them, I'll try to fix them.
  • There's also some fixes with canonical links and redirects that were quite annoying if they affected you and the breadcrumbs should now work better than they did for some people as well.
  • Also, on a default install without titles being set in the backend, the plugin will now not return errors or empty titles but just the default titles.
These were the most high priority issues because they threw severe errors at times, that no longer happens.

It's not showing an update on my plugins screen

I know, I did something nasty in version 0.1.1 that prevented the update from happening (a lot like the fix for plugins not hosted on WordPress.org), I'm truly sorry, but you'll have to do this update by hand. You can also just remove it through backend and then reinstall, that should work fine!

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