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Selasa, 13 September 2011



SmadAV finally released the newest version 8.5.1 SmadAV local antivirus Indonesia SmadAV is already quite famous. Although the local anti-virus, antivirus SmadAV juxtaposed with long-distance match .. er mean antivirus imports. Hehehe. Especially now emerging viruses such as shortcut ramnit local. SmadAV Pro 8.5 has a feature that is SmadAV-Updater update the database each week features both offline and online.

Download : SmadAV 8.5.1 Pro (Installer) + Keygen + Portable
Download | Smadav 8.5.1 Pro + Portable + Keygen - (1 MB)  Click SKIP AD


1.      To remove the pirated, fill in the column:        Name: anti-piracy        Key: (blank)    
2.      If terblacklist, uncheck pirated, and then make a Keygen Key with you again with a different name.

3.   Donasilah to SmadAV to obtain a legal license WARNING !!! Not for the perjual traded. If you wish not blacklisted, please DONATION to SmadAV to obtain a legal license.

Let us support AV Indonesia by giving the original license. If I myself still use Free've simply because rarely using that.

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