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Rabu, 07 September 2011

Information Technology Analyst

Technology Analyst

Duties and Tasks

Trade union officials may perform the following tasks:
  • represent members in negotiations with management over workplace issues
  • visit places of work where members of the union are employed, to check on working conditions and to identify other industrial relations issues
  • handle complaints and disputes on the job
  • check employees' time and wage records (kept by employers) to make sure that employees are being paid the correct wages
  • make sure that safety rules and regulations are observed in the workplace and advise employers of possible breaches
  • recruit new members and make sure that current members are up to date with payment of their union fees and are informed about union activities (e.g. through a newsletter)
  • draft applications for award variations and, through research and inspections, collect evidence and prepare submissions in support of claims
  • represent the union at conferences and in negotiations (may include acting as the union's representative or advocate before industrial courts or tribunals)
  • assist in managing the finances of the union.


Officials with training in fields such as law, journalism, economics, accountancy and welfare may be appointed to specialist positions, such as legal officer or media officer.

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