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Rabu, 07 September 2011


MX-10 Audio Console

MX-10 Audio Console

Ø  Deskripsi:
Four stereo progam output( Progam, Audition,UTL, and Studio Out) plus Monitor , Headphone and CUE system.

Ø  10 chanel modular mainframe
·         High performance mic modules (A/B inputs).
·         Balance stereo line modules(A/B inputs).
·         Phone Hybrid Module (support teleconference)
·  USB souncard input module for playing directly from a windows PC , and an unbalance input.
Ø  LED Meters  Monitor for Progam and audition Output.
Ø  Monitor system with built in two speakers.
Ø  All I/Os are  by RJ45 Connectors .

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